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The death mask of the poet Dante is to be exhibited at the premiere of a controversial film, “Inferno”, based on his epic work. But at the grand unveiling this priceless artifact is replaced by a macabre death mask of the film’s star, Allen Prime. And minutes later, the leading actress, Maggie Flavier, is threatened before her attacker is shot. After footage of Prime’s murder is shown over the internet, the Carabinieri are determined to take over the investigation, certain that a crazed Dante fan is behind the killing.

David Hewson (born January 9, 1953) is a contemporary British author of crime and mystery novels. His series of modern crime stories featuring an ensemble of police officers in Rome, led by the young detective Nic Costa, began with A Season for the Dead, and has now been contracted to run to at least nine instalments by British, American, European and Asian publishers