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Dear Friends,

Booksellers often boast of the authors they can call “friends,”  and I must confess that even VJ Books is presumptive enough to refer to a writer or two with that familiarity.  Rare is the bookseller though who turns the world upside down and is labeled as friend by the authors.  This is indeed Dennis McMillan.

I freely borrow some of the best lines from Don Heron’s classic piece on Dennis, ” Dennis’ legend, all solidly based in fact, rolls out before him like a dust storm off the desert.”   McMillan has been offering some of the tastiest treats in hard-boiled, mystery, modern fiction, graphic short stories since 1983.
Among those who called Dennis friend included the late Donald Westlake, Charles Willeford and James Crumley.  In addition to these authors, Dennis has produced his legendary editions for books by Michael Connelly, George Pelecanos, Jon Jackson, Kent Harrington, Gary Phillips, Kent Anderson, and many others.  Those collectors who seek to complete their set of Dennis McMillan editions soon learn that the prices have ballooned in the aftermarket.
“Dennis has definitive tastes for the fiction he calls rude. You know, a flat stretch of highway. The lonely diner rank with the smell of rancid vinyl. Tongue scorched by bad coffee. A .38 cool against the skin under your belt. Nowhere to go. Not a thing to lose. We all get that feeling, right? No publisher on earth is better than Dennis at scratching that itch.”  (Don Heron)

VJ Books is pleased to call Dennis McMillan friend and are excited to offer his three latest releases.  In addition, please don’t miss our inventory of McMillan publications.  Dennis has also provided us with a list of those books still available.  See them all, make your selections, and order today.  You’ll be glad you did!  Click here to see all titles on this notice.
John and Virginia