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(genregoroundreviews.blogspot.com, Feb. 4, Harriet Klausner)

Seattle attorney David Sloane has won an astronomical eighteen jury trials for his clients in a row. His current case is perhaps his most difficult to date, a wrongful-death suit against the federal government; a sure defeat for the seemingly invincible plaintiff lawyer.

His client Beverly Ford insists her husband James a national guardsman died in the current Iraq War due to underperforming body armor that the Pentagon knew it was inadequate, but in spite of safer options did nothing. David is stunned when an investigation into James’ unit reveals several other soldiers died under questionable circumstances after returning to the states. He wonders if someone is trying to cover up the truth of what happened in Iraq by eliminating the witnesses, but soon fears his inquiries have jeopardized his loving dependents.

The second Sloane legal thriller (see THE JURY MASTER) is an action-packed, fast-paced tale that in spite of vividly described legal proceedings and maneuvers comes across more as an investigative cat and mouse tale. The story line is loaded once Sloane takes on Ms. Ford as a client and never takes a breather until the finish. Although the plot is thin and a deeper look at how difficult suing the Feds is would have been enlightening as what is provided is fascinating, fans will enjoy WRONGFUL DEATH, which never slows down until the end.

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