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A riveting new thriller of oil, greed, and power, torn from today’s headlines, from the author of the “rip-roaring” (Newsweek) Point of Entry – hailed by the Chicago Tribune as a “frighteningly believable look at a possible near-future scenario”.

In a small D.C. apartment in the middle of a steamy summer night, Tony Ruiz, special assistant to the president, gets a phone call from the White House. Statewide blackouts have pushed California into a hellish nightmare, affecting everything from street-lights to electric fences surrounding maximum-security prisons.

In Frankfurt, brilliant environmental activist and native Californian Blaise Ryan meets up with an old school friend whose husband works for Volga Gaz, an Russian energy company. Devastated by events back home, they talk about the power of those who control power.

In Lima, an elderly chauffeur drives executives from one of the world’s most powerful oil companies to their opulent hotel. Their conversation is the last thing he hears before he’s found murdered. And in the capital, a Peruvian senator named Luis Matta, rumored to be a favorite candidate for the presidency, sits in the darkness of his office, unaware of the trials that await him.

Before they know it, these three strangers will be thrown together in a maelstrom of danger and intrigue, with the fate of America – and the world as we know it – resting in their hands. And time is running out…

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