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Last month, I mentioned that Rambo and my novel FIRST BLOOD are the subject of an off-Broadway play called RAMBO SOLO that is currently being performed in New York City.  It’s a one-character monologue in which Zachary Oberzan pretends to be in his 242-square-foot apartment while telling the audience about his obsession with my1972 novel and the1982 film adaptation.  For 90 minutes, he discusses the differences between the two and describes what he thinks would be the ideal film adaptation.  Reviewers were extremely enthusiastic about the energy, enthusiasm, and creativity of the show as well as the quality of the performer.


Shortly before the premiere, Zachary sent me an email through my website, and we’ve been exchanging messages ever since.  I learned a lot about his commitment to my novel.  For example, he still has the 1982 reissue paperback that shows Sylvester Stallone on the cover when the movie was released.


I also learned that Zachary made a video recording of some aspects of his play.  For the video, he uses his actual small apartment and its furniture to interpret scenes from the novel, leaping off a sofa as if it’s a cliff, using a candle stick as a dynamite stick, walking around naked as Rambo is naked in the police station, etc.  He puts on costumes to portray Rambo and Trautman.  It’s the wildest thing you ever saw.


To get an idea, go to his website http://www.zacharyoberzan.com and scroll to the very bottom, where you’ll find various buttons.  Click on WORKS.  You’ll find a trailer for the video presentation FLOODING WITH LOVE FOR THE KID (a quote from my novel) and a making-of video.  I guarantee you’ll break out into a smile and want to show your friends.


If you’re a Rambo collector, you might want to have a full-length DVD version of how he views the novel.  If so, contact him at strawandgold@gmail.com.  He’ll tell you the cost.


Please understand that I (nor VJ Books) have no business connection with Zachary.  I’m just letting you know about his amazing work. The video was produced on a limited budget of $100 and is an excellent example of guerrilla film-making.