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Janet Evanovich’s eventful book tour launched with a June 23 street fair in her honor in Cherry Hill, N.J., where the B&N store and locatl mall ran contests, gave out gift cards and served food from area restaurants, all leading up to an evening signing:  six hours, 2,500 people.  When a wheelchair-bound fan at a Toronto Chapter’s Bookstore event the next day requested a photo with Evanovich, she happily obliged.  Heading toward the person, however, she tripped on a riser, fell and broker her foot.  But the show must go on, and 500 books later she was done.  Onto Chicago the next morning:  X-rays, a temporary cast and an evening signing.  Signings in Atlanta and Fort Myers, Fla., followed.  Can you say “trouper”?  St. Martin’s reports six to eight weeks in a cast for Evanovich, and two million copies in print of her latest opus.

(Publisher’s Weekly, July 6)

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