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Fourth Realm Trilogy

Fourth Realm Trilogy

A world that exists in the shadows of our own.
A conflict we will never see.
A frantic race to save a long-lost Traveler.
An epic battle for freedom.

In 2005 we introduced you to John Twelve Hawks, or simply JXIIH. The Traveler, the first installment in The Fourth Realm Trilogy was a runaway bestseller with signed copies limited to 777. High demand for this edition drove prices into the stratosphere. The author proved to be as mysterious as his novel, “living off the grid,” granting no access and only limited interviews from an untraceable satellite phone.

Moving from the back alleys of Prague to the heart of Los Angeles, from the high deserts of Arizona to a guarded research facility in New York, THE TRAVELER explores a parallel world that exists alongside our own. John Twelve Hawks’s stunningly suspenseful debut is an international publishing sensation that marks the arrival of a major new talent.

Two years later JXIIH returns with volume two, The Dark River. Once again signed copies were limited to 777, with prices quickly climbing.

A mesmerizing return to the places and people so richly portrayed in The Traveler, THE DARK RIVER is propelled by edge-of-the-seat suspense and haunted by a vision of a world where both hope and freedom are about to disappear.

This year brings the conclusion of the trilogy with the release of The Golden City. Random House has kept us guessing for months whether we would receive our order for this book. We recently got confirmation reliable enough for us to begin taking orders for signed copies of this book. We are not sure of the quantity of the signed copies, but are confident it will remain small.

The thrilling third book in John Twelve Hawks’s Fourth Realm trilogy, THE GOLDEN CITY is packed with the knife-edge tension, intriguing characters, and startling plot twists that made The Traveler and The Dark River international hits. John Twelve Hawks’s previous novels about the mystical Travelers and the Brethren, their ruthless enemies, generated an extraordinary following around the world.

In anticipation of the conclusion of this trilogy, we set aside a carton of signed/numbered/stamped JXIIH of both THE TRAVELER and THE DARK RIVER. After adding copies of THE GOLDEN CITY to the first two books we have had all three books housed in a deluxe slipcase and are offering them as a complete set.

With prices for THE TRAVELER and THE DARK RIVER approaching $500 each, and the market price for THE GOLDEN CITY yet to be established, our exclusive complete set in a beautiful slipcase is priced at $777. Only twelve, appropriately, sets exist.