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Nikki C. from Texas offers this book review!

Steve Alten has the ability to tale us on an enrelenting oceanic adventure packed with suspense, adrenaline and insight into the human psyche. This story invoves the creation of the ultimate weapon…stolen by a group of victimized innocents who want to use it to mankind’s benefit by ending terrorism and denuclearizing the world. Using Goliath’s technology to force international peace seems feasible, and ideally, it would be a way to solve the owes of man. However, at what point do you fight so hard against something that you become the very thing you despise and have tried incessantly to deviate from the hardest? Between the detailed maritime attacks and excursions, military involvment, and the human essence to survive against our own destructive nature, Goliath is a great story where victims become the tyrnats and the tyrants become the victims.


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