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Fresh from his Guest of Honor tribute at Bouchercon 2009, Michael Connelly made a brief stop in Oregon during his tour for his latest blockbuster novel, Nine Dragons (Little, Brown).  John Hutchinson of VJ Books was able to meet with him briefly prior to Connelly’s public event.  Connelly signed UK copies of Nine Dragons (Orion), making it possible for VJ Books to offer signed copies of this novel in all (US, UK and Limited Edition) the popular formats.


“It has been three years since he has been out to see us, so it was great to be able to spend a few minutes with him,” said Hutchinson, himself a Connelly fan.


VJ Books offers the following review of Nine Dragons:


“Happy is the man who finds refuge in himself.”  So reads the saying on a Fortune Liquors’ matchbook cover that Harry Bosch has been carrying around for a dozen years, since the LA riots that cost his partner his life.  A murder in the same liquor store leads Michael Connelly’s seasoned homicide detective to a Chinese triad operating in Los Angeles.  When Bosch gets too close he learns that his 13 year old daughter, Maddie, has been kidnapped in Hong Kong. She is being held in Kowloon, the place called 9 Dragons, and Harry must find her before it is too late.   Bosch knows every part of LA., from Angels Flight to Echo Park.  He has explored every part of the city, and that knowledge has aided him at every turn.   For the first time a case, the most important case of his life, pulls him into a different city, a different culture, where he is handicapped by his LA-centric history.  He must rely on strangers in a strange land to save the life of his only child, and to put the world back in proper order.


Not since The Last Coyote has Connelly opened a window into the soul of Harry Bosch.  The once “bulletproof” investigator finds another force at work in shaping his life.  As a father Harry must view his options from a new vantage point, one that he is not ready to face.  Connelly makes a major shift in his writing transforming Harry Bosch into a more human character.  He does it flawlessly delivering his second amazing novel of the year.”


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Michael Connelly’s website at:  http://www.michaelconnelly.com/


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