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A review by Nikki from Texas!

Timeline is exhilarating and fast-paced.  As in Jurassic Park, Crichton writes of technology and scientific advances in a way that makes such theories and abilities seem possible. He also changes the impression of the Medieval period that many of us have. The reality that it was a bloodthirsty and uncivilized period of history is magnificently described by Crichton. The brutal nature of those who lived during that time is well-detailed. Timeline, for me, was one of those books that I couldn’t stop reading. The cross between science and history in this book was well-balanced. This was not one of those books where you skim parts of the storylines.  Readers will appreciate the historical aspect and descriptions of the lifestyles, customs and demeanor of the era. The quantum physics theories in the book were so intriguing, I found myself re-reading those passages, not because I didn’t “get it”, but because I DID “get it” and it was utterly fascinating.  See Nikki’s other reviews here





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