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Another Review by Nikki C. in Texas!

Dance of Death is a series¬† within the Pendergast series. It’s book 2 of the Diogenes Trilogy, preceded by Brimstone. Agent Pendergast faces what seems to be his ONLY nemesis, his own brother. While Brimstone makes some light of Diogenes Pendergast, Dance of Death is the start of the real action.Agent Pendergast seems to have the upper hand in every case, until a brother thought dead appears and carries out a series of grotesque murders only capable by. These murders set the stage for the most well-planned revenge against Agent Pendergast. Each step is methodical and painstakingly timed to lead Agent Pendergast down the slaughter chute. Many of the characters from the Pendergast series are re-united in this thrilling novel of revenge. We also get the treat of exploring more of the fascinating and eccentric Pendergast family tree. I must forewarn you that to learn the grand finale behind the plans of Diogenes, you MUST read the last book in the Trilogy¬† Book of the Dead.

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