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I, Sniper will satisfy Stephen Hunter‘s legions of fans and win him droves of new ones with its signature blend of brilliant plotting, vivid characters, razor-sharp dialogue, and extraordinary gunfights. And when Swagger and the last of his antagonists finally face each other, reenacting a classic ritual of arms, it is clear that at times there’s nothing more necessary than a good man with a gun and the guts to use it

Four famed ’60s radicals are gunned down at long range by a sniper. Under enormous media scrutiny, the FBI quickly concludes that Marine war hero Carl Hitchcock, whose ninety-three kills were considered the leading body count tally among American marksman in Vietnam, was the shooter. But as the Bureau, led by Special Agent Nick Memphis, bears down, Hitchcock commits suicide. In closing out the investigation, Nick discovers a case made in heaven: everything fits, from timeline, ballistics, and forensics to motive, means, and opportunity. Maybe it’s a little too perfect.  Nick asks his friend, the retired Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger, to examine the data. Swagger soon closes in, and those responsible will stop at nothing to take him out. But these heavily armed men make the mistake of thinking they are hunting Bob, when he is, in fact, hunting them.

“I’ve read most of Hunter’s books…escapist genre fiction of the first order, better than Clancy or Ludlum.  His characters are rich and complicated.  Both Bob Lee Swagger and his daddy, Earl, are three-dimensional, quite complicated and bone-real in their motives and actions.” said VJ Books co-founder, John Hutchinson.  VJ Books boasts an impressive collection of past titles by Stephen Hunter, all autographed by the award winning author, they can be found at www.vjbooks.com.  “With his new novel, I, Sniper ($29.99, Simon & Schuster), just around the corner we are taking this opportunity to give you a glimpse of this outstanding author and a few of his remarkable stories.”

Stephen Hunter won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism as well as the 1998 American Society of Newspaper Editors Award for Distinguished Writing in Criticism for his work as film critic at The Washington Post. He is the author of several bestselling novels, including Time to Hunt, Black Light, Point of Impact, and the New York Times bestsellers Havana, Pale Horse Coming, and Hot Springs. See signed and collectible copies of Stephen Hunter books at:   http://www.vjbooks.com/Stephen-Hunter-s/328.htm

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