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King of Cyberpunk Author William Gibson Releases His Latest Thriller–Zero History


Press Release:  Tualatin, Oregon – September 13, 2010 – VJ Books (http://www.vjbooks.com) presents signed editions of William Gibson’s Zero History (September 2010: Penguin).

Zero_History_GibsonThe iconic visionary returns with his first new novel since the New York Times bestseller Spook CountryNeuromancer was the first book in a provoking trilogy that has come to be considered a benchmark in the history of the genre.  Since then, Gibson has gone on to create even more visionary science fiction, including The Difference Engine, a classic co-authored with Bruce Sterling, and ingenious cyber thrillers such as Pattern Recognition and Spook Country.

In Zero History, Hollis Henry worked for the global marketing magnate Hubertus Bigend once before. She never meant to repeat the experience. But she’s broke, and Bigend never feels it’s beneath him to use whatever power comes his way — in this case, the power of money to bring Hollis onto his team again.

Milgrim is even more thoroughly owned by Bigend. He’s worth owning for his useful gift of seeming to disappear in almost any setting, and his Russian is perfectly idiomatic – so much so that he spoke Russian with his therapist, in the secret Swiss clinic where Bigend paid for him to be cured of the addiction that would have killed him.

Garreth has a passion for extreme sports. Most recently he jumped off the highest building in the world, opening his chute at the last moment. Garreth isn’t owned by Bigend at all. Garreth has friends from whom he can call in the kinds of favors that a man like Bigend will find he needs, when things go unexpectedly sideways, in a world a man like Bigend is accustomed to controlling.

The Miami Herald says that “William Gibson’s prose is as delicious as ever in this wild adventure”.  The Boston Globe says that Gibson’s Zero History is “one of the most visionary, original, and quietly influential writers currently working.”  “His eye for the eerie in the everyday still lends events an otherworldly sheen.”–The New Yorker

Science fiction owes a huge debt to William Gibson, the cyberpunk trailblazer who revolutionized the genre with his startling stories of tough, alienated loners adrift in a world of sinister high technology.

William Gibson was born in South Carolina, grew up in Virginia and later moved to Canada.  In the Sixties, Gibson earned a bachelor’s degree in English at University of British Columbia and has been writing since 1977.  He currently lives in Canada.

A partial list of William Gibson books includes:

Fragments of a Hologram Rose (1977), Johnny Mnemonic (1981), Gernsback Continuum (1981), Hinterlands (1981), The Gernsback Continuum (1981), New Rose Hotel (1981), The Belonging Kind, with Bruce Sterling (1983), Neuromancer (1984), The Winter Market (1985), Dogfight, with Michael Swanwick (1985), Burring Chrome (1986), Count Zero (1986), Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988), The Difference Engine, with Bruce Sterling (1990), a non-fiction work, Agrippa (1992), Skinner’s Room (1991), and Disneyland with Death Penalty (1993), Virtual Light (1993), Idoru (1996), All Tomorrow’s Parties (1999), Pattern Recognition (2003), Spook Country (2007), and Zero History (2010).