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Dead Zero by Stephen Hunter

Bob the Nailer rocks in Stephen Hunter’s new red hot thriller–Dead Zero.

Book Synopsis for Dead Zero

Is Ray Cruz back? Has he gone rogue, is he insane, or just insanely angry? Will he succeed, though his antagonists now include the CIA, the FBI, and the same crew of bad boys that nearly killed him in Zabol province? Not to mention Bob Lee Swagger and a beautiful CIA Agent named Susan Okada who gives Swagger more than just a patriotic reason to take the case.

Swagger, the legendary hero of seven of Stephen Hunter’s novels from Point of Impact to last year’s best-selling I, Sniper, is recruited by the FBI to stop the Cruise Missile from reaching its target. The problem is that the more Swagger learns about what happened in Zabol, the more he questions the U.S. government’s support of Zarzi and the more he identifies with Cruz as hunter instead of prey.

With its hallmark accuracy on modern killing technologies, Dead Zero features an older, more contemplative Swagger, but never lets up on the razor-sharp dialogue, vivid characterizations, extraordinary action scenes, and dazzling prose that define Hunter’s landmark series. And with this installment, the stunning revelations-both political and private-will leave readers begging for more — long after the last bullet finds its way home.

Stephen Hunter Book List

Bob Lee Swagger Series:  Point of Impact (1993), Black Light (1996), Time to Hunt (1998), The 47th Samurai (2007), Night of Thunder (2008), I, Sniper (2009), Dead Zero (2010)

Earl Swagger Series:   Hot Springs (2000), Pale Horse Coming (2001), Havana (2003)

Other Novels: The Master Sniper (1980), The Second Saladin (1982), Target (film novelization) (1985), The Spanish Gambit (reissued as Tapestry of Spies) (1985), The Day Before Midnight (1989), Dirty White Boys (1994)

Non-fiction: Violent Screen: A Critic’s 13 Years on the Front Lines of Movie Mayhem, Now Playing at the Valencia, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Essays on Movies, American Gunfight: The Plot to Kill Harry Truman and the Shoot-out that Stopped It

About Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter was also featured recently in Agents of Treachery, a collection offering 14 of the biggest names in the thriller genre-such as Lee Child, Joseph Finder, Gayle Lynds, and David Morrell-who all rise to the challenge of writing a short story set in the complex world of international espionage.   VJ Books has a few copies of the signed limited edition of this book, which is also being featured at the release of Dead Zero.

Stephen Hunter has written 16 novels. The retired chief film critic for The Washington Post, where he won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism, he has also published two collections of film criticism and a nonfiction work, American Gunfight.

John Hutchinson of VJ Books was heard to say, “A bookseller is not supposed to say who his favorite author is, but Stephen Hunter is my hands down choice! . . . and a new Bob Lee Swagger book is a real treat.”  “Thanks Steve, please keep them coming,” adds Hutchinson.

Signed First Editions of Dead Zero

VJ Books is offering signed copies of Dead Zero, as well as many other signed Stephen Hunter titles, including last year’s hit, I Sniper.