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Press Release – Tualatin, Oregon – January 3, 2011

VJ Books announced today Orson Scott Card to be the featured author of the month for January 2011.

Nobody had ever won the Hugo and Nebula awards for a novel and its sequel, two years in a row, until Orson Scott Card received them for Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead, in 1986 and 1987. But Orson Scott Card’s experience is not limited to one genre or form of storytelling.  His contemporary novels Lost Boys, Treasure Box, and Homebody brought a powerful emphasis on character and moral dilemmas to the old-fashioned ghost story. And his contemporary novel, Enchantment, is a romantic fantasy that has Sleeping Beauty being awakened by an American graduate student in Ukraine in 1991.

Orson Scott Card’s awards are numerous.  He has been nominated for, or won, the Hugo Award for Outstanding Science Fiction over a dozen times, and the Nebula at least ten times.

With two new books, Pathfinder and The Lost Gate, fans of this prolific author have a lot to shout about.

Pathfinder by Orson Scott CardPathfinder comes to us from the internationally bestselling author who brought us Ender’s Game, a brand-new series that draws readers into the world of Rigg, a teenager who possesses a secret talent that allows him to see the paths of people’s pasts. Rigg’s only confidant is his father, whose sudden death leaves Rigg completely alone, aside from a sister he’s never met. But a chance encounter with Umbo, another teen with a special talent, reveals a startling new aspect to Rigg’s abilities, compelling him to reevaluate everything he’s ever known. Rigg and Umbo join forces and embark on a quest to find Rigg’s sister and discover the true depth and significance of their powers. Because although the pair can change the past, the future is anything but certain….

The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Cardla The Lost Gate brings us a young boy from a mysterious family who suddenly discovers that he has magical powers and who sets off to discover his destiny. The trick for many fantasy authors is finding a way to make the boy unique, make the circumstances compelling, and the magic fascinating.  Fortunately, Orson Scott Card knows what he’s about when he takes this approach in The Lost Gate.

The Lost Gate is Card’s first entry in his new Mither Mages series. In the opening chapter, we’re introduced to the North family, and especially Danny North, who is considered the runt of the litter because he lacks any of the special abilities the rest of his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents all have. See, the Norths are one of the families that have existed throughout human history, becoming the figures we now know as Thor, Odin, Loki, and other Norse mythological beings. They can control the elements, become one with beasts, and perform all sorts of other wonderful and useful tricks.  The Lost Gate is a solid, entertaining addition to Card’s works. The Mither Mages series looks to be a lot of fun, and hopefully the elements Card has stirred up in this first book will make for an explosive mix.  See the trailer for The Lost Gate.

“We have carried each new title by Orson Scott Card for years now, and are really excited to offer the first book in two new series at the same time,” said John Hutchinson at VJ Books, “we look forward to adding these books to our wide selection of Card titles.”

Card’s bibliography is deep and wide, and too expansive to list in this notice, but you can find out more about his work by visiting our favorite author page” added Hutchinson.

VJ Books is offering author signed copies of both Pathfinder and The Lost Gate, and is offering special pricing on all Orson Scott Card titles throughout January 2011.