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Virginia and I thought we’d better learn more about eBooks as it appears they will play a significant role in the future of the printed word, and so we found ourselves in line at Best Buy at 3 AM on Black Friday to secure a Nook.

Rogue Wave by Boyd MorrisonTo  familiarize myself with the technology I had my son Mitchell (now 13 and significantly more technically savvy than his father) load a couple of PDF files that had been sitting on my laptop since I found them on the Internet about a year ago.

Those files were two earlier works by Boyd Morrison, the author of last year’s hit The Ark.  I immediately began reading the one titled The Palmyra Impact.

I had previously printed out and read the first twenty or so pages, but never got back to printing out the remaining 400 pages, and as such the book remained unread. 

With the Nook I found myself completing The Palmyra Impact in just a couple of sittings.  As it turns out The Palmyra Impact is the same novel just released by Pocket Books as Rogue Wave.

A non-stop thriller, Rogue Wave concerns an earthquake in the remote Pacific Ocean that generates a tsunami that threatens the Hawaiian Islands.

The story’s pace reminds the reader of the television series 24, with its fast pace and rapidly changing conditions.  The story is completed in the daylight hours of just one day.

Our friend Doug Preston said it best in his review, “Rogue Wave opens with a bang–literally–and then takes the reader on a watery thrill ride of terror. This is top-notch suspense, with crisp plotting, believable characters, and well-researched science. A classic disaster novel, up there with the very best. A piece of advice to the reader: don’t take this one to the beach…”

I don’t know yet what I think of the Nook, but I am further committed to the novels of Boyd Morrison, and look forward to his new novel, The Vault (July 5, 2011: Simon & Schuster) that reunites us with Tyler Locke.  Don’t miss Rogue Wave, it will chill you to the bone!

Signed copies are still available.