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Dated:  12/1/2010

Tomorrow is the night — when we launch our new TV show — Brad Meltzer’s Decoded (still best title ever) on Thursday at 10pm/9c on the History Channel.  Considering that six years ago, we launched our first TV project — Jack & Bobby — to a grand total of fourteen viewers, I guess I’m supposed to say that we can outdo that number.  But honestly — considering I’m ON CAMERA for this one?  I’m actually not so sure. 

Regardless, let me just again say thank you for believing in us, no matter the medium.  Yes, tomorrow Cori will be sending out a new clip of the show, and we’d really appreciate it if you could paste it on your facebook page/blog/wherever — send and share it with your friends — and tell them that your pal Brad has a TV show.

Click here to the watch Brad Meltzer’s Newest TV Series – Decoded

But again, more than anything else, thanks for being such a beautiful part of our lives.

Oh, and as for decoder rings, I promise you, I’m STILL working on them.  Can you believe nobody makes secret decoder rings (unless they’re cheap, plastic and crappy)?  So we’re trying to make them now to be ready for the book tour of The Inner Circle in January.  Toes crossed and all that.