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Press Release – Tualatin, Oregon – February 11, 2011

In 18 thrillers penned by Randy Wayne White, Doc Ford, along with his hipster friend Tomlinson, face extraordinary life challenges as real as Florida’s Gulf Coast and the islands that provide the settings for Randy’s novels.  In the shadowy world of Southwest Florida, where gators yawn, cattle craze, and Indian bones are buried, mysteries great and small have found the man to solve them.

Night Vision by Randy Wayne WhiteMarion “Doc” Ford is the former government agent/triggerman who currently runs a marine biology supply business from a stilt house in Dinkins Bay, Sanibel, Florida.  Though he yearns for the quiet, contemplative life of the scientist, his past (in his youth he was a black ops assassin), and the talents it armed him with, find him in the midst of high-spirited adventures.

If you are new to Doc Ford country, we hope you, too, find a home among the sun-baked, laid-back people who inhabit Florida’s Mangrove Coast of fiction and fact.  Rich with passion and vivid, pungent prose, and some of the best characters found in suspense fiction today, Randy Wayne White creates thrillers of uncommon intensity.  Please take the time to meet Doc Ford. You will soon find yourself searching for those elusive first novels and yearning for the next!

VJ Books (http://www.vjbooks.com) offers signed first editions of Randy’s new Doc Ford novel Night Vision, as well as many of his other titles.

Booklist for Doc Ford Novels:  Sanibel Flats (1990), The Heat Islands (1992), The Man Who Invented Florida (1993), Captiva (1996), North of Havana (1997), The Mangrove Coast (1998), Ten Thousand Islands (2000), Shark River (2001), Twelve Mile Limit (2002), Everglades (2003), Tampa Burn (2004), Dead of Night (2005), Dark Light (2006), Hunter’s Moon (2007), Black Widow (2008), Dead Silence (2009), Deep Shadow (2010), and Night Vision (2011).