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Inmate 1577 by Alan Jacobson
I first read an Alan Jacobson book when Barnes and Noble offered 7th Victim as their Free Friday book.  I sped through it, wanting more.  I entered the contest at the end of the book and my name is now a character in Inmate 1577.  I have now bought and read ALL his books and continue to want more.  They are witty, gritty, suspenseful and fact based in their procedure.  I was one of a few advance reader winners so I am half way through this book and am reading every free minute (yes, in the bathroom!).  It brings out more of the true Karen Vail as well as new characters and the return of old favorites.  This book is worth the buy!!  I bought the signed hardcover even though I am already reading!  Alan ranks #1 on my author list and will be yours too! – Sherry P.