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Strong at the Break by Jon Land


Strong at the BreakLast week Virginia and I took the boys to the coast for a few days to camp with friends from our homeschooling community. At the last minute, hoping to have time to read, I grabbed the new Chris Kuzneski ARC I had just began and the latest of Jon Land’s Caitlin Strong mysteries and threw them into my bag.I’ll share more about Kuzneski’s The Secret Crown later in the year (it doesn’t publish until January). Suffice it to say it’s the newest Payne and Jones adventure, and one hell of a thrill ride.   

Now I am reluctant to admit, but Strong at the Break is the first Caitlin Strong novel I have read. It’s the third book in the series following Strong Justice and Strong Enough to Die, and I had planned to read them in order.

I have always enjoyed Jon’s work and have read many of his 30+ books over the years, but this one blew me away. Caitlin Strong is a 5th generation Texas Ranger, who can shoot and think at the same time. From the snow covered Canadian border, to the nation’s capital, and into the heart of Mexico, her pursuit of justice knows no boundaries.

Read this and all other Jon Land novels! I have added many of them to our sale, and included some of Chris Kuzenski’s as well.