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A Note from John – 

Caught by Harlan CobenLike many of you my reading choices are nearly unlimited, so what I read next is always on my mind.  Some time ago my friend Russ introduced me to Daniel Palmer, insisting that Palmer’s latest, Helpless, was a tight, timely, superb thriller.  A couple of days ago I picked it up, and was amazed.  Somewhat reminiscent of Harlan Coben’s Caught, Helpless delves into a world where your reputation and life can be destroyed in an instant, as rumors and accusations go viral on the Internet.  Focusing on news making topics such as child pornography, cyber intelligence, sexing, and teen mores, Helpless creates a realistic story where bad things happen to good people.  Rock solid characters and plotting take us to the little town of Shilo, New Hampshire, where Tom Hawkins is in the fight of his life!

Following Helpless, I picked up Mark T. Sullivan’s Rogue.  My copy is a UK release (the US comes out in October).  I bring this up to once again recommend Mark.  He just signed several titles for us, and I can personally recommend them all, especially his last, Triple Cross.  I agree with Robert Crais who said,” Triple Cross is a smart, prescient thriller that makes one wonder why the bottom really dropped out of the stock market. The story snaps and twists like a cracking whip, you can’t help but root for Mickey Hennessey and his kids, and I defy you to guess the ending. Mark T. Sullivan has written a super-charged bestseller and surefire motion picture!”   Mark also just penned James Patterson’s Private Games . . . Sullivan signed copies now in stock.

Wondering what to read next?  Move Helpless and Triple Cross to the top of your list.  You will not be disappointed.