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Book Review:  Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong

Thirteen by Kelley ArmstrongI just completed Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong, the final book in her Otherworld series. (Though she does mention in the end that she has some anthologies coming out for the series and that she may one day come back to the series.) I have not read this entire series but I have read Bitten, Stolen, Dime Store Magic, Broken and Frostbitten. My favorite characters in this series are the ones it all began with, Elena and Clay.


SPOILER ALERT!  I was honestly a little sad when Elena was no longer the narrator so I took a break from these series except when it was from her point of view. All of the characters come together in Thirteen so I knew I didn’t want to miss it. I really enjoyed it and am now regretting that I didn’t read all of the novels in this series. Think I might have to go back and catch up on them.


For those who are a fan of this series, well I don’t even have to tell you that you don’t want to miss this exciting conclusion. For those who haven’t read the other books, you’ll still enjoy it even if you don’t know the entire back story. I have always found that to be a good quality in a series, that while reading the other novels enhances the reading experience, it’s still enjoyable even if it’s your first time.