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John reviews Proof of Guilt by Charles Todd

Proof of Guilt by Charles ToddProof of Guilt by Charles Todd is the ultimate who-dun-it mystery. I had not read a book by this author before, or I should say authors as Charles Todd is actually Charles and Caroline Todd, a mother and son writing team. This is their 15th Ian Rutledge mystery. Rutledge is a compelling character, an inspector in Scotland Yard during the 1920s with trauma from the war that has resulted in Hamish, a fellow soldier who he was ordered to kill during the war, being the voice in the back of his head. This mystery was a difficult one to figure out and I was shocked by the ending as I had definitely not figured out who the murderer was and how so many characters were connected. I enjoyed following along with Rutledge’s investigation and the mental process of figuring out a crime with so many people and so little evidence.