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Ever After by Kim Harrison

Ever After by Kim HarrisonI really, really enjoyed Ever After by Kim Harrison. My favorite genre is paranormal and this was right up my alley. This was the second Kim Harrison book that I’ve read and I’m excited to read more. This is the 11th book in the Hollows series featuring Rachel Morgan, former witch turned day-walking demon. As a non avid read of this series I did not have all the back story but enough is provided that I didn’t feel like I was missing out for not having read all the other books. On the other hand, this book was good enough that I am definitely considering going back to read the one that I haven’t thus far.

In this novel, Rachel must fix the ever after in order to stay alive. She teams up with Trent Kalamack, an unlikely but quite successful ally. Together, with the help of others popular in this series including Al, Jenks, Ivy, Quen, and Bis, they work together to save both side of the ley lines. I would highly recommend it and the ending leaves one very eager to find out what’s going to happen next.