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Island 731 by Jeremy Robinson

Island 731 by Jeremy RobinsonThis is the second novel by Jeremy Robinson that I’ve read, and it was every bit as intense as Secondworld. Island 731 is terrifying! Similarly to Secondworld there is a shark attack at the very beginning of the book which is starting to make me wonder if Mr. Robinson is revealing a personal phobia.

Mark Hawkins is a former ranger and expert tracker working on the Magellan, a research vessel, along with a team of researchers. They are studying the Great Pacific Garbage Patch when an unexpected storm hits and they find themselves stuck in the cove of a tropical island. They immediately discover one man dead and another missing, and it appears that he has ran off into the jungle of the island.

Hawkins leads a rescue mission and they quickly discover that they are in more trouble then they could have ever imagined. Unit 731 was Japan’s World War 2 experimentation program. A program that was not only never decommissioned as it was believe to have been but is also in need of new test subjects. This book was very scary and not one to read too close to bedtime.