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Norwood Press to Publish Thriller SPECTRUM by Award-Winning Author Alan Jacobson

Spectrum by Alan Jacobson

John Hutchinson, Norwood Press Executive Publisher, announced that they have secured the hardcover rights to Alan Jacobson’s latest Karen Vail thriller, SPECTRUM.

Norwood Press previously published three other Jacobson titles, INMATE 1577, HARD TARGET, and NO WAY OUT.

“Both Virginia and I recently read an advance copy of SPECTRUM. The story is absolutely riveting as we join Vail, fresh from the police academy, and follow her as she becomes the FBI Profiler that we have come to love and respect,” says Hutchinson. He continues, “This is our fourth book with Alan, and his sixth in the Vail series. He really hit this one out of the park – fans of Karen Vail will be very pleased! We get to follow her through her career from her start as a NYC beat cop all the way to the present, as she is haunted by a crime scene she witnessed her first day on the force.”

Last year Norwood Press successfully used the crowd funding platform Kickstarter to launch NO WAY OUT, and they are considering a similar process for SPECTRUM.

NO WAY OUT was named to The Suspense Magazine and The Strand Magazine’s “Best of 2013” Lists.

Praise for Alan Jacobson and NO WAY OUT and SPECTRUM:

“Jacobson has written the thriller of the year—fast plot, incredible character development, and chilling atmosphere. No Way Out has everything you can ask for in a thriller, plus the bonus of reading a book which you’ll re-read and which will never turn up in a second hand bookstore.”
—The Strand Magazine

“The complexity of the plot mixed with the well-researched setting and Vail’s signature style, make for a fast-paced, thrilling read where Jacobson offers you the best ticket in town. No Way Out is explosive!”
—The Suspense Magazine

“Compelling and crisp, Spectrum satisfies the reader on every level. A pleasure to read.”
—Richard North Patterson, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“During my 40 years with the NYPD, I knew the streets of New York and the challenges a detective faces solving crimes in the big city. Alan Jacobson’s Spectrum put me back on the street by bringing a gritty realism and noirish perspective only a fellow New Yorker can provide. Spectrum’s authenticity enhances a riveting, well-told story.”
—Captain Edward Mamet, Commander of Detectives, NYPD (Ret.)