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Introducing Diplomat and Author Matthew Palmer

Matthew Palmer Matthew Palmer is a career diplomat. It is the popular opinion that diplomacy is closely linked to espionage or gathering of intelligence. Embassies are bases for both diplomats and spies, and some diplomats are essentially openly acknowledged spies. For instance, the job of military attachés includes learning as much as possible about the military of the nation to which they are assigned. They do not try to hide this role and, as such, are only invited to events allowed by their hosts, such as military parades or air shows.

There are also deep-cover spies operating in many embassies. These individuals are given fake positions at the embassy, but their main task is to illegally gather intelligence, usually by coordinating spy rings of locals or other spies.

If you like books by John Le Carre, Frederick Forsythe, Oliver North, Daniel Silva, Alan Furst or Vince Flynn – then Matthew Palmer will probably prove quite entertaining.

John Hutchinson
VJ Books
July 2014