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Spectrum Named to Suspense Magazine’s “Best of 2014” List!

Spectrum by Alan JacobsonTerrific news! We were just informed that Alan Jacobson’s new novel, Spectrum (released November 2014) has been named to Suspense Magazine’s “Best of 2014” list.

A Note from Alan:

Spectrum was a great deal of fun to write because it gave me an opportunity to explore Karen Vail’s character in new ways. It’s also an excellent entry point into the Vail series because it goes back in time to Vail’s first day on the job as an NYPD beat cop and moves forward through time to the present as she tracks a serial killer who’s terrorized Manhattan for decades.

Spectrum also put me back on the streets of New York City and Queens, where I was born and raised. I knew where the skeletons were buried, so to speak, including the secrets the city has tucked away from the public. As usual, I take the reader behind the scenes to places he/she would never get a chance to go.

Spectrum has been called “Epic,” “shocking,” “ambitious,” and “exceptional.” I have no argument with any of these adjectives 🙂 Reviews of Spectrum can be found here.