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John’s Favorite Books – Part 1

John Hutchinson VJ BooksOne of our customers recently asked John about the picture on our home page (see picture at left).  She wanted to know if there was any significance as to why John chose them.  Below is John’s response about those books.

When we were setting up the shot, Virginia asked me to grab a few titles from the shelves in our library. I grabbed a few of my favorites:

Never Look Back is Ridley Pearson’ first novel. Ridley is one of my favorites . He has written nearly 50 bestsellers including adult thrillers and mysteries for young readers. He wrote three featuring former musician Chris Klick back in the 1990s, that take Ridley back to his roots as a profession musician (he still plays with Stephen King, Dave Barry and other authors with the Rock Bottom Remainders). He teamed up with Barry for a series of Peter Pan stories that started with Peter and The Starcatchers.

Next in the stack is a rare first edition of First Blood by David Morrell. This is the book that introduced Rambo to the world. It was released in 1972, and Morrell has been on all “best of” lists ever since.

Underneath that in the elusive Dodd Mead edition of Clive Cussler’s Iceberg. This Dirk Pitt novel is considered the cornerstone of any Cussler collection. Only 4500 copies were made, and most of those ended up in libraries. Clive is one of my top authors and our Norwood Press imprint has produced limited editions of his titles for many years.

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