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John Talks about Back Blast by Mark Greaney

Back Blast by Mark GreaneyWe occasionally find ourselves receiving advances from publisher – it’s one of the small perks of book selling. On Friday I was pleased to find a copy of BACK BLAST by Mark Greaney. I recently told you about Greaney moving into hardcover with this upcoming title, but risk repeating myself by telling you one more time that this is a book you’ll want to read.

It’s not unusual for me to have my nose stuck in a book, but this was different. The last few books that I have read, Glen Erik Hamilton’s PAST CRIMES and HARD COLD WINTER, and A KILLING WINTER by Tom Callaghan were each outstanding. This time, everything else had to wait while I pounded through BACK BLAST. It was everything I expected and more.

Courtland (Court) Gentry, call sign Sierra Six, is The Gray Man, and he has found his way back to D.C. after being on the run for six years. Marked, by the CIA with a shoot -on-sight order, he has operated in the shadows as a paid assassin removing bad guys from the world stage. He has grown tired of running, and has come home to once and for all find out why he was targeted, and who is responsible.

Gentry unwinds the mystery in thrilling detail, as he skillfully dispatches opponents sent to keep him from learning the truth he so desperately needs. What he discovers is a conspiracy reaching the top echelons of the agency, with a CIA task force – code name Violator, foreign operators, and rogue agents all working to kill him before he can succeed in his quest. But they underestimate him; after all he is THE GRAY MAN!

Mark Greaney should have called this book- THE GRAY MAN IN AMERICA. Gentry brings his fight home, with his future and the future of clandestine services both at stake.

We can only hope that somewhere deep within the secrets of our country’s black ops that a Gray Man really exists; someone to keep us safe from those who seek to destroy our way of life. Mark Greaney is here to stay, and so is The Gray Man.