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Daniel Palmer posted this on his Facebook page on 3/16/2016

Mercy by Michael Palmer and Daniel Palmer“Many of you know, at the request of St. Martin’s, my dad’s longtime publisher, I’ve taken on the task of writing Michael Palmer medical thrillers. I didn’t enter the agreement lightly or without a lot of forethought. After all, I’m shouldering an impressive legacy. So I’m extra thrilled and delighted that Publishers Weekly, one of the biggies of the trade reviews, has weighed in on MERCY, my second effort as a medical thriller writer, with a glowing starred review. While writing this book, I focused on my father’s teachings; the innumerable writing lessons he shared with me over years of his mentorship. I channeled all I had learned from him as best I could, so in this regard, the book is as much his as it is mine.   We did good, Pop.”