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I read the new Jack Reacher novel, THE SENTINEL, last night. That’s right, last night. For those of you concerned about the hand off from Lee Child to his younger brother Andrew you need not be troubled. Whether it’s Andrew’s writing skill or Lee’s oversight, the transition is seamless. THE SENTINEL is a classic Reacher novel. The same amazing characterization, scene setting, storyline and witty dialogue we’ve come to expect is here in spades.

Also available as an UK FIrst Edition

THE SENTINEL finds Reacher is a small Tennessee town a couple of hours outside of Nashville. Reacher immediately gets involved in a local conspiracy as he’s sees Rusty Rutherford walking casually down the street after exiting his favorite coffee shop, cup in hand. As Reacher observes dark forces execute a plan to kidnap the hapless Rutherford. Reacher, who never avoids a chance to get involved, coming to the aid of the helpless, foils the attack. So begins the story that unravels a sinister plot that has all of the elements of a great mystery – a town under attack by unknown forces, Russian spies, Nazis – who could ask for more?

Reacher cannot move on until he gets to the bottom of what’s going on, putting the protection of Rutherford under his wing, as he navigates the plot unraveling before his very eyes.
Why has a cyber attack brought the town to it’s knees? Is Rutherford responsible? If, mot who is, and why? Reacher enlists the help of a couple of FBI agents, one active, the other retired, and a local police officer, as he uncovers a plot that puts the entire country at risk.

As the story races to its conclusion, the reader is reminded of what makes Reacher tick, and the moral purpose that sits at the root of this timeless character.

Don’t miss THE SENTINEL. I cannot wait to see what happens next as Reacher wanders the street and back roads of America.