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Book Synopsis – “Crossfire” by Dick Francis & Felix Francis

Crossfire by Dick Francis and Felix FrancisIn the enjoyable fourth and final collaboration between Francis (1920-2010) and son Felix Francis, Captain Thomas Forsyth’s tour of duty in Afghanistan is cut brutally short when he s badly wounded by a roadside bomb. His world is torn apart by the injury – the army is his life. Six months of leave to recuperate is a daunting prospect but not as bleak as the probability of never rejoining his regiment.Tom returns to his childhood home in Lambourn, where his mother is a racehorse trainer and the First Lady of racing. Never having seen eye-to-eye with her, Tom doesn t expect a hero s welcome but even he s not prepared for the reception that awaits him.

When his mother s prize horse finishes a vastly disappointing last in a race he should have won, Tom discovers that the training business is on the edge, and facing a threat far more dangerous than a run of bad form. Tom finds himself on a very different, but just as deadly, battlefield, where again his military skills are tested. . . . Kill or be killed?


Patterson launches

In his ongoing effort to identify books that will turn kids onto reading, James Patterson has joined forces with acclaimed children’s literature expert Judy Freeman to start – a web site designed to help parents, teachers, and librarians ignite the next generation’s excitement about reading by recommending books carefully chosen for their ability to make kids’ mouths water – books kids can really sink their teeth into.


Complete with age designations, thoughtful book descriptions, author and celebrity interviews, and more, will help make finding a book for a young person easy and, ultimately, rewarding.The site will feature:
– Book selections in appropriate age categories by Patterson and Freeman
– Thoughtful descriptions of each recommended book with easily accessed links to online retailers where books can be purchased
– A lively community network which will promote helpful discussions about personal experiences with books found on the site – or off of the site – that are great for kids
– Personal input and messages from James Patterson about the importance of getting kids excited about reading and his own experience as a father of a ten-year-old son
– Contributions from other authors and celebrities who believe in the importance of getting kids excited about reading
– Seasonal lists of books and reading strategies for parents, teachers, and librarians

The site will officially go live in October 2008. And with promotional support from Scholastic Book Fairs, People magazine, and many others, word about will spread fast and wide over the fall 2008 months.