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“Adrenaline”, “An Agent of Defeat”, “Delta Solution”, “Diamondhead”, and “Flashback”

Just in!  Signed 1st edition copies of:

  • Adrenaline by Jeff Abbott
  • An Agent of Deceit (UK Edition) by Chris Morgan
  • The Delta Solution and Diamondhead by Patrick Robinson
  • Flashback by Dan Simmons

An Introduction to Grant Blackwood

“A New Cussler Series and a Co-Author’s Journey”
(, Grant Blackwood)

Blackwood, Grant-web.jpg

The call came unexpectedly last fall from Tom Colgan, my superb, longtime editor at Putnam. They’d asked Clive if he’d be interested in doing another series, Tom explained. Would I be interested in having my name thrown in the hat as a potential co-author?

Dumbfounded, I interrogated him: Was this a joke? No joke, he assured me. And we’re talking about the Clive Cussler, correct? Author of dozens of bestsellers stretching back decades; his work published in over 40 languages in more than 100 countries; 125 million faithful fans; 160 million copies of his thrillers in print. Yep, that’s him, Tom replied.

Satisfied this was neither a joke nor a case of mistaken identity, I still had to think long and hard about Tom’s proposal — okay, that’s not true. I mulled it over for approximately 1.378 seconds, and said Yes.