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The Darkness of Evil by Alan Jacobson

Modern Signed Books – Alan Jacobson Talks about his New Book, “The Darkness of Evil”

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About “The Darkness of Evil” by Alan Jacobson

Darkness of Evil by Alan JacobsonThis novel tells the story of Roscoe Lee Marcks, one of the history’s most notorious serial killers, who sits in a maximum security prison serving a life sentence—until he stages a brutal and well-executed escape. Although the US Marshals Service’s fugitive task force enlists the help of FBI profiler Karen Vail to launch a no-holds-barred manhunt, the savvy and elusive Marcks has other plans—which include killing his own daughter. As the pressure builds to catch Marcks, Vail turns to the retired profiling legend responsible for Marcks’s original capture, who may just hold the key to stopping him.

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Meet Best Selling Author Alan Jacobson

Meet Best Selling Author Alan Jacobson

The Lost Codex by Alan JacobsonHear about Alan Jacobson’s 2015 title The Lost Codex! It’s a great read and you’ll want to consider adding Alan’s books to your collection!

Book synopsis:

In THE LOST CODEX two ancient and priceless biblical documents hold revelations that could change the world as we know it.

In 930 CE, a revered group of scholars pen the first sanctioned Bible, planting the seed from which other major religions will grow. (more…)

It’s Never Too Late to Read a Good Book

It’s Never Too Late to Read a Good Book

John Hutchinson, VJ Books
November 2, 2015

John Hutchinson VJ BooksLike most avid readers, I have probably read hundreds of books, trying to make sure that I have conquered most of the bestsellers, and at the same time kept abreast with those new authors that emerge every season.  I have been doing this for many years, and during my time in the book industry thousands of books have passed through our doors.

It seems that when a highly acclaimed book gets overlooked, it’s like that Oscar winning movie you never got around to seeing.  I didn’t see Schindler’s List until it had been out on video for several years, and I never saw Titanic – but do know how it ends.  So, those books missed seldom get much consideration.

I have, however, had a change of heart.  A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a blog interview with bestselling author, Alan Jacobson.  When asked if any particular book inspired him in his writing, Jacobson sited THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW by Allan Folsom.

After the interview was over, I went to our inventory and picked up a copy of The Day After Tomorrow, went to my desk and browsed the web to see what I could learn about it.  As it turns out, this book received the highest advance ever paid for a book up to that time, two million dollars, and it opened #3 on the New York Times list.  At the time, I must have known about it, as we do have it in our inventory, and the author signed it and subsequent titles – but I never read it. (more…)

New Release Date for The Lost Codex

Update on the Release of Alan Jacobson’s The Lost Codex

Lost CodexWell it looks like our edition of The Lost Codex will not be shipping out until mid-November. Lettered editions in December.

We ran into some production delays as we worked for perfection. Our Jacobson loyalists expect the best quality from us, and Alan has been working non-stop to ensure that everything is just right.

Last minute changes to the dust jacket have resulted in a much clearer image and an award-winning appearance.

We will keep you updated as production proceeds.