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Modern Signed Books – Andrew Peterson’s Right to Kill

Modern Signed Books – Interview with Andrew Peterson about Right to Kill

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About “Right to Kill” by Andrew Peterson

Right to Kill by Andrew Peterson When a team of commandos—highly skilled and armed to the teeth—tries to kidnap retired CIA station chief Linda Genneken from her home, trained Marine Nathan McBride and his partner, Harvey Fontana, arrive just in time to join the fight. But their well-honed CIA instincts tell them this is only the beginning. (more…)

Praise for ‘First to Kill’

Every once in awhile we hear from a customer, telling us of the exciting novel that they have just completed, and would I like to read it. Well . . . sure send me a copy? When I received Andy Peterson’s (a long time friend of VJ Books) first novel I was quite curious about comparison’s to books by Steve Hunter, and Lee Child, two of my favorites. I did read it, in fact couldn’t put it down. Nathan McBride, the hero of what promises to be an incredible series, has it all, history, skills, attitude, strength, rugged-good looks, . . . he even has his own helicopter! The bad guys are the baddest, the body-count plentiful, the plot complex – with surprises at every turn. Thanks Andy, for a thrillride I truly didn’t expect. I know our customers avoid pbo’s, but I really want you to read Andy’s book! If you like it as much as I did, drop a line to his publisher telling them so, and ask that his next book be released is hardcover!


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Author earns success the old-fashioned way

(La Jolla Light, Nov. 25, Daniel C. Peterson)

Getting published is one thing, but selling books? Well, that’s entirely different. How do you get people to read your book when they’ve never heard of you?

Andrew Peterson is finding out firsthand, as he crisscrosses the country signing books and meeting readers, it’s a full-time job.

Peterson, who was raised in La Jolla and now lives near Paso Robles, has accomplished what very few authors ever do: his novel was purchased by a major publishing house. Leisure Fiction, an imprint of Dorchester Publishing, has picked up his debut novel, entitled “First to Kill,” and the paperback is currently for sale in Barnes & Noble, Borders and Warwick’s, and online through retailers such as and VJ Books. (more…)