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Author Mayor lets fans in on his process at Lithgow appearance

(Kennebec Journal, Nov. 21, Craig Crosby)

Vermont author Archer Mayor is in the final stages of his 20th mystery novel, and as seriously as he takes his craft, his best work often comes from what his books leave out, allowing readers to light the bulb on the movie projectors in their minds.
“Your intelligence and imagination fills in the holes I purposely leave behind,” the charismatic Archer told a group of nearly 20 fans who gathered to hear him speak Thursday night at the Lithgow Public Library. “The best authors are the ones that disappear.”

Mayor’s series, all based around his detective, Joe Gunther, has been described by the Chicago Tribune and New York Times as among the best in police-procedure writing.

Mayor, who appeared at the Lithgow Library to promote his 19th book, “The Catch,” much of which takes place in Maine, integrates actual police methodology with intricately detailed plot lines into novels that Booklist has said are “among the best cop stories being written today.” (more…)