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Library Journal Review for No Way Out by Alan Jacobson

No Way Out by Alan Jacobson – Library Journal Review

No Way Out by Alan JacobsonFBI profiler Karen Vail can’t catch a break. After her last case (detailed in Inmate 1577), she is needed in England to solve the bombing of a London art gallery. Scotland Yard doesn’t want her help, and Vail needs a success to get back in the good graces of her superiors. A cursory examination of the explosion site reveals the existence of a secret manuscript that could change the history of the written word forever. Then someone she knows and trusts appears to have become a traitor.

Verdict – Vail is a terrific character, and throwing her into a foreign environment without her usual allies invigorates the plot and the series. Alan Jacobson also knows how to throw in plot twists that are shocking but logical at the same time. Fans who have tired of James Patterson may enjoy discovering this author with this outstanding thriller.—Jeff Ayers, Seattle P.L.

“Vail is a terrific character and…Jacobson knows how to throw in plot twists that are shocking but logical…(in) this outstanding thriller.” – Library Journal

“Plot twists that are shocking but logical…Outstanding thriller.”– Library Journal

“Outstanding thriller.”– Library Journal

New York Times Bestselling Author Alan Jacobson to Release 4th Karen Vail Series Novel – Inmate 1577

Press Release

May 17, 2011 – Tualatin, Oregon – Alan Jacobson is the national bestselling author of the critically acclaimed thrillers False Accusations, The Hunted, Crush, Velocity, and The 7th Victim, the latter two were named to Library Journal’s “top 5 Best Books of the Year” list.

Alan’s years of research and training with law enforcement have influenced him personally and professionally, and have helped shape the stories he tells and the diverse characters that populate his novels.

About Inmate 1577

Inmate 1577 by Alan JacobsonRenowned FBI Profiler Karen Vail returns in a thriller that bridges time and space. When an elderly woman is found raped and brutally murdered in San Francisco, Vail is sent back to the west coast to team up with SFPD Inspector Lance Burden and Detective Roxxann Dixon, who last worked with Vail in Velocity.

As Vail, Burden and Dixon follow the killer’s trail in and around San Francisco, the offender continues his rampage, leaving behind clues that ultimately lead them to the most unlikely of places, a mysterious island ripped from city lore whose long-buried, decades-old secrets (more…)

Rare Limited Edition Boxed Set of Alan Jacobson’s Karen Vail Trilogy

jacobson-trilogy Two words:  KAREN VAIL

Okay, more detail . . . ALAN JACOBSON’S KAREN VAIL

Virginia and I first met Alan Jacobson a couple of years ago when he came to the PNBA to promote The 7th Victim, his first Karen Vail novel.  Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the book I was anxious to meet him.  We met at the convention hotel prior to the event, and got to know him while he signed books for us.   Since that first meeting we have come to enjoy a friendship with Alan as I continue to be impressed with his work.

Last years Crush took FBI profiler Vail west to wine country as she gets pulled into a case involving a serial killer in Napa Valley.  Alan uses the wine industry, its people, and its locale as characters in the novel, bringing the story to life.  Crush concludes with the story still raging, with many questions unanswered.  Somewhat frustrating for the reader, but as Alan explained at the time, “the story was just too big to be told in one book.”

So I waited.  Yes, I waited a whole year.  A few weeks ago I received an advance copy of Velocity, and it was truly worth the wait.   I immediately decided that this series deserves special treatment, and that we needed to acknowledge Alan’s work in way to get you to read the first two Karen Vail mysteries, get sucked in . . . anxious for the third, and NOT have to wait a whole year to be rewarded by the finale.

We have designed a special limited production collector package that features all three Karen Vail mysteries housed in a specially designed slipcase with an exclusive introduction written by Alan Jacobson.   Subscribe now and we will immediately ship to you signed first edition copies of The 7th Victim and Crush so that you can start reading.  Early in October we will send you Velocity, Alan’s exclusive introduction, and the deluxe slipcase to house your collection.   These are books you must have, by an author you must come to know, offering stories and characters that will astonish you, in a format to grace your collection.   I spoke with Alan recently and he agreed to produce the video below to introduce this collection.  Please enjoy it and pass it on to other booklovers!


Watch this special video of Alan talking about this Exclusive Trilogy Set