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VJ Books has received:  Yann Martel – Beatrice and Virgil, Ben Bova – The Hittite, Ridley Pearson – Kingdom Keepers 3:  Disney in Shadow, Jonathan Kellerman – Deception, Stephen Cannell – The Pallbearers, Alafair Burke – 212, Ellen Horan – 31 Bond Street, and Junius Podrug – Feathered Serpent 2012.


Anxious Shane Scully followers can now relax.  From New York Times bestselling author Stephen J. Cannell comes the ninth Shane Scully novel, The Pallbearers.  Signed editions available at VJ Books (

In this compelling new novel, Detective Shane Scully must revisit his painful childhood to find out who murdered the kind and charismatic man who became a father to him.

Abandoned by his parents as an infant, Scully was reared in an orphanage, Huntington House. The only positive thing in his young life was the attention of the Home’s director, Walter “Pop” Dix. Pop, an avid surfer, would take a small group of kids for early morning surfing. He was the father none of them had ever had.

That was thirty years ago. Now, Shane is forced to revisit these memories when Pop is found dead, the victim of an apparently self-inflicted shotgun blast. He leaves a message asking six specific people, all of whom attended Huntington House, to be his pallbearers, and Shane is one of the chosen. He and his fellow pallbearers don’t believe it was a suicide. That leaves murder. But why, and by whom?

Together, the pallbearers start on a dangerous odyssey in pursuit of justice for Pop, and for retribution against those responsible for his death. Their journey takes them up against an unforeseen adversary whose power and influence far exceed anything they could have imagined. (more…)

From John

Today we are promoting nearly a dozen titles that for some reason got overlooked . . . either we missed giving them the attention they deserved, or perhaps, you didn’t see the newsletter.  We thought we’d give them another chance, and we are cutting the price on each of them by five bucks.   All eleven titles are exciting and merit another look, but please give your special attention to three of them.

First is the debut mystery by Jedediah Berry.  “Jedediah Berry knows magic. The Manual of Detection combines intricacy and thoughtfulness with the page-turning excitement of a detective thriller…. This novel is a master puzzle, with all the show-stopping elements of a flock of doves flying out of a magician’s sleeve. It made me laugh, thrill, think, and wonder.” –Hannah Tinti, author of The Good Thief
Next, The Piano Teacher by Janice Y.K. Lee.  “Evocative, poignant and skillfully crafted, “The Piano Teacher” is more than an epic tale of war and a tangled, tortured love story. It is the kind of novel one consumes in great, greedy gulps, pausing (grudgingly) only when absolutely necessary.”  – Chicago Tribune
And then there is Help by Kathryn Stockett.  “Lush, original, and poignant, Kathryn Stockett has written a wondrous novel. You will be swept away as they work, play, and love during a time when possibilities for women were few but their dreams of the future were limitless. A glorious read.” – Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of Lucia, Lucia 

The latest books by Marcello Simonetta, T.C. Boyle, Roland Merullo, Scott Sigler, David Stone, Robyn Young, William Lashner and Stephen Cannell are all offered with the same five dollar price cut.
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Stephen Cannell – On The Grind

(Publisher’s Weekly, Jan 19)

Stephen Cannell, with more than a dozen bestselling novels and more than 40 TV series to his credit, including The Rockford Files, The A-Team and The Commish, has another hit with On the Grind.  Sales are up 25% over his last book, Three Shirt Deal, and it has gone into a second printing.  His Web site has lots of information on dyslexia – a condition Cannell has lived with his entire life.

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